Maximizing your Health through Chiropractic

Dr. Jack Wise 21 January, 2016

The overwhelming majority of patients presenting to a doctor’s office have some type of problem or symptom(s). This makes sense because the symptom gives us an indicator that something is wrong and needs to be fixed. The problem with this is that the body is already in significant decline when many of these symptoms arise. In most cases, if it is a problem that can be solved through natural means, then we are able to relieve the symptoms and alleviate the suffering.

Now what? Well, no symptoms no problem, right? Not so fast, my friend! Health IS NOT just the absence of symptoms! For example, you come in with lower back pain and in two visits you are pain-free. Great! Then, you stop coming and three weeks later the pain returns. Then you say, ‘I tried a chiropractor and that didn’t work.’ Let’s say that your old mattress is the root of the low back pain. We fixed things neurologically with the chiropractic work, but we did not have enough time in those two visits to be able to address the ROOT problem, it being your old mattress. In my experience, if the root problem in cases such as this example is not addressed, only temporary pain resolution is possible and it will be a recurrent issue. So, in this case, the best thing to do is to get a new mattress. Savings can be made on a new mattress by heading to, so your new mattress needn’t be expensive. Remember, your mattress should be replaced roughly every 8 years – any longer than that and it’s going to start hurting your back.

I evaluate and treat the nervous system on a daily basis and have yet to find ANYONE with a perfectly functioning nervous system. The nervous system is the key to all of the other systems. If it is not working well then you don’t have a chance for optimal health, period. While there are dietary supplements you can take to boost the health of your nervous system, such as lipothiamine, chiropractic work is also very effective.

We work on nervous system OPTIMIZATION, which will help most problems, those seemingly unrelated or not. The nervous system controls your organs, is intimately tied in with the immune system, inflammation, and the hormonal system. It is imperative to have the body’s ‘communication system’ working as optimal as possible. Looking into supplements such as zinc lozenges to help support the immune system may be worth a look.

This will help you in ALL aspects of life. Would you like to be mentally sharper at work? Stronger in the gym? More energy to play with the kids? Have fewer aches and pains?

It IS possible and it is much CHEAPER and EASIER to take care of yourself on the front end BEFORE you have a diagnosable disease. Remember: kidney, liver, and heart disease, autoimmunity, and Alzheimer’s DO NOT happen overnight! Do your best to PREVENT disease and not only that, MAXIMIZE your health so that you are able to experience your life at the highest level possible. That may mean that you look to herbal and natural remedies to help your body feel and do better, such as liver health supplements, heart supplements, etc.